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Selling Intoxicating Bondings:
Hyper Masculinity and Print Alcohol Ads in India

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Long Days and Luminous Evenings
This ad pitches liquor to men as a pleasurable reward for a hard day’s work. The focus on men’s relaxed mien, tethered to their public leisure with other men, expresses an almost atavistic view of ‘hegemonic masculinity.’ The ad also constructs a motif of leisure time lifestyle for young men which may give a temporal and spatial plane to male fantasy. The label ‘Black ‘Dog’ also carries gendered connotations.

The image can also be seen in consonance with Raewyn Connell’s theorization of ‘transnational business masculinity.’1 It is the new global hegemon associated with discourses on globalization, laissez faire individualism and the centrality of market mechanism which dominate the contemporary gender relations. The ad represents how a global gender order is monolithically legitimized by powerful and elite business executives (who are overwhelmingly men) in the global marketplace. These entrepreneurs and corporate managers are dispositionally highly atomistic, with competitiveness, rationality, smartness and business mindedness writ large.

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1 Connell, Robert W., ‘Masculinities and Globalization’, In Men’s Lives, 5th ed., edited by M.S. Kimmel and M.A. Messner, Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon, 2001, pp. 56-70. 
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