Tasveer Ghar presents the following image essays contributed by many young as well as seasoned scholars. Some essays are the work of Tasveer Ghar fellows of 2007 and 2008 who focused on the theme Gender, Nation and the Everyday Spaces, as well as Kaleidoscopic Sites and Sights: The Printed Visual Culture/s of Religious Pluralism. Some recent essays posted in 2010 have been commissioned from distinguished scholars across the world who were invited to comment upon the Priya Paul collection. You can click on the image banner or the titles of the essays to see them. You can also sort them by authors name, title, or subject matter.

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Published on: (04 Oct 2018)
Visual representation of masculine anxiety in three of Anurag's movies
Published on: (10 Sep 2018)
Changing Perceptions of 'Masculinity' among Males in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Published on: (29 Jun 2018)
The Construction of Ascetic Masculinity in Vivekananda’s Photographs and Posters
Published on: (15 Apr 2018)
Constitution of India as a visual document embodying masculine ideals.
Published on: (05 Mar 2018)
Indian liquor advertisements and tropes of masculinity
Published on: (31 May 2017)
Fellows who have been selected to write for the 'Manly Matters' project for 2017-18
Published on: (03 Feb 2017)
Urdu print culture of early 20th century
Published on: (16 Nov 2016)
A call for papers for a new project
Published on: (28 Feb 2014)
Published on: (22 May 2013)
An image essay on Tamil
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